About P. J. Hussey

We believe in more than just transactions – we build lasting relationships. Our family and women-owned enterprise has been deeply ingrained in the heart of the greater Phoenix metro area for over four decades. What sets us apart is not just our expertise in property management, real estate, and construction, but the genuine care and dedication we bring to every client interaction.

As a comprehensive solution provider, we streamline the entire property journey under one roof, ensuring a hassle-free and personalized experience. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond business – it’s about fostering connections and contributing to the vibrant community we call home.

Whether you’re looking for a new property, need expert management, or envision a construction project, our friendly team is here to make it happen. Let’s connect and explore the possibilities together. Your success is our success, and we’re excited to be a part of your property endeavors!

Our Values

As a company, our ethos is defined by five core values, these principles guide every aspect of our business, ensuring a foundation of trust, transparency, and genuine care in all our interactions.

Commitment to Excellence

Commitment to excellence is not just a goal but a relentless pursuit ingrained in our ethos, driving us to continuously push boundaries, refine our craft, and exceed expectations at every turn.



A growth mindset embraces the belief that abilities, intelligence, and talents can be developed and strengthened over time, fostering a love for learning, resilience in the face of setbacks, and a willingness to take on new challenges with a positive and optimistic attitude.


We believe that serving is not an obligation; it’s a privilege. This philosophy permeates every interaction, fostering a culture of empathy, attentiveness, and a genuine desire to contribute to the well-being and success of our clients, team members, and community.


Support encompasses more than a service—it’s a collaborative partnership, a reliable foundation upon which success is built. We are dedicated to navigating challenges together, offering a helping hand, and creating an environment where everyone feels part of the family.

Positive Energy

Positive Energy’ centers around the transformative power of kindness. A workplace where kindness is at the forefront enhances not only collaboration and teamwork but also contributes to an atmosphere where the success of each individual becomes a collective achievement.

Meet Our Team

Patti Hussey


Patti has been providing property management expertise in the valley for 40 years (2023). She has built a reputation of quality management of properties ranging from 1-40 units. She brings her years of experience in banking business sales, and street smarts to each client we take on. Patti has helped hundreds of owners achieve their investment portfolio dreams, as well as assisting thousands of tenants in finding the best rental for their needs. Patti heads a team that has turned some of the city’s most undesirable locations into clean and stable properties for owners and tenants a like.

Patti is a registered member of the Phoenix Board of Realtors and is proud to be a founding member of the National Association of Realtors, Property Management Division. As an active member of our community, Patti is also a board member with the Glendale Union High School District.

623-930- 7700 ext 201

Andrew Thruston

Managing Partner

Introducing Andrew, our seasoned Managing Partner boasting an impressive 20-year tenure in the industry. Andrew not only adeptly manages new client acquisitions, pre-purchase inspections, and major renovation projects but also serves as an Associate Broker for our real estate division.

Beyond steering the ship of our business, Andrew is a visionary, consistently conceptualizing innovative strategies for our continuous growth.

As the proprietor of both Rental Renovators Inc. and Green Go Landscaping LLC, Andrew stands as your ultimate resource for maintenance or renovation projects. His expertise transcends the boundaries of property management – he holds the title of a certified Dave Ramsey coach, injecting financial acumen and strategic insights into our team.

Andrew’s profound knowledge and compassionate nature enable him to effortlessly connect with clients. Whether you’re delving into renovations, investments, property transactions, or seeking financial guidance, Andrew is just a call away, poised to deliver expert assistance and support.

623-930- 7700 ext 206

Valeria Lopez


Valeria, or just Val, is the cornerstone of our team and the indispensable Company Integrator. In her capacity as Integrator, Val assesses all of the incoming visionary ideas, determining the benefit and how to seamlessly integrate change into our current processes. As the guardian of these processes, she is also constantly evaluating how we do things around here and how we can improve.

In addition to her pivotal role as our Integrator, Valeria wears many hats within our organization. Part-time Executive Assistant to Andrew, permit coordinator- working with the engineers and the City on our additions, and the go-to-person for everyone on the team are just a few.

As a multitasking maestro she not only understands the ins and outs of our business but actively contributes to its success. With her at the helm, we navigate the complexities of our industry with confidence and precision.

623-930- 7700 ext 209

Ellacia Maxey

Property Management Operations Manager

Ellacia is instrumental in guaranteeing the seamless and efficient operations of our property management division. With 18 years of experience (2024), she undertakes a diverse array of responsibilities, ranging from overseeing day-to-day operations to leading and managing a team of seasoned professionals.

In her role, Ellacia is the point person for all escalations related to HOA concerns, evictions, dispositions, or any other tenant-related issues that may arise in the ordinary course of management.

Ellacia possesses the knowledge and expertise to address all your inquiries. She takes pride in providing comprehensive support and is more than delighted to assist you with any questions you may have.

623-930- 7700 ext 204

Stephanie Marston

Creative Director, Marketing

Stephanie is our creative and marketing director and manages all marketing initiatives. With a background in IT systems and graphic design, Stephanie combines technical expertise with creative skills to develop effective marketing strategies.

As a one-person team, Stephanie handles everything from social media management and content creation to market research, advertising campaigns, and website management. Her ability to adapt to new trends helps keep the company competitive.

Stephanie collaborates closely with all company teams to solve technology-related issues and improve client interactions. She is dedicated to finding innovative solutions that enhance both internal operations and the customer experience. She loves to explore new concepts and ideas and is always down for a good brainstorming session.

623-930- 7700

Julie Stone


Julie is the Controller at P. J. Hussey, where she adeptly oversees both the Accounting and Human Resources departments. Her comprehensive skill set and meticulous attention to detail ensure that all financial operations and HR functions run smoothly and efficiently. Julie has been with us for 5 years (2024).

Julie brings a unique blend of expertise to her dual roles. Her leadership in the accounting department ensures accurate financial reporting, effective budget management, and strategic financial planning. Simultaneously, Julie’s oversight of HR operations ensures a positive work environment, effective talent management, and adherence to all regulatory requirements.

Julie’s professional approach and personable nature make her not only an exceptional controller but also a respected and approachable leader within the organization.

623-930-7700 ext 217

Ashley Everts

Sales Lead/Associate Broker

Ashley is currently serving as the Sales Lead for the Construction Division and an Associate Broker in the Real Estate Division. With a robust background spanning over 20 years in leasing, Ashley brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the team. She has been a licensed real estate professional since 2010 and has been a valuable member of P. J. Hussey for the past seven years.

In her recent role leading the Construction Division sales, Ashley has quickly made an impact, leveraging her extensive knowledge and exceptional interpersonal skills. Her friendly demeanor, sharp wit, and unwavering efficiency make her a standout leader and a trusted colleague.

Ashley’s dedication to her work is evident in her ability to build strong relationships with clients and colleagues alike. She consistently goes above and beyond to ensure client satisfaction and operational excellence, contributing significantly to the companies ongoing success.

When she’s not driving sales and closing deals, Ashley enjoys bringing humor and warmth to the workplace, making her not just a leader, but also one of the fun ones!!


Finance Team

April Lyons

A/R & A/P Specialist

Art Thruston

Accounting Manager

Starlit Clark

A/R and HR Specialist

Charlotte Sullivan


Support Team

Andrea Amperse

Property Management Onboarding

Ahnjayla Trembath

Front End Manager


Trey Kelly

Sales Executive

Israel Gonzalez

Sales Executive

April Ettestad

Sales Coordinator


Noemi Herrada

Design Coordinator

Alex Pevtsova

Interior Designer

Keza Gan

Design & Permitting Specialist


Frank Serpas

Project Manager

Kevin Whitfield


Michael Hansen


Troy Fisher


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Nhico Haub

Project Coordinator

Cyrine Haub

Project Coordinator

Justine Calnea

Project Coordinator

Property Management

Nuvia Perez

Leasing Specialist

Ruth Garcia

Tenant Liaison

Pablo Acosta

Receptionist &
Leasing Specialist

Sara Munoz

Maintenance Response Coordinator

Laura Cons

Tenant & Owner Liaison

Esteban Jimenez

Maintenance Response Coordinator

Real Estate

Patti Hussey

Broker and Owner

Andrew Thruston

Associate Broker

Ashley Everts

Associate Broker

Charlie Sullivan


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